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My name is Mary Jean, the founder of I am an affiliate marketer. I work with Maxbounty, Peerfly, CPAlead, Adworkmedia, Mobidea, CPAgrip and other networks. I made full time income from this. I work with a team of marketing experts and we make lot of money from CPA marketing.
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1. earning proof

2. Maxbounty Live proof

3. Proof

Do you want to get at least 550% ROI on your ad purchase? I have a solution for you. My team and I have developed techniques to partner with marketers that are ready to try our traffic inventory.
Minimum capital to start this is $500. This is not a joke. If you want to take your marketing to the next level where you make profit on every ad purchase then this is for you.

1. We have over 12000 active promoters on our GPT site
Most of these promoters are social media influencers in top tier countries. Some of them have Facebook fan page with over 5M, 27M, etc likes and they use our social media marketing portal to market to their fans.

See the proof the performance of our social media robot portal below:

That is over 187 million total social media subscribers. Our robot send your affiliate links to all these subscribers in their messenger inbox. We will cloak the link so facebook will never block the link. We are experience in this.

Over 255 million messages sent to our messenger subscribers.

We created a platform called Facebook inboxer. With this platform, you can add your facebook pages and send promotional messages to all your fans messenger or send the promotional messages as a reply to all comments on posts. 

Our platform can be used to also auto comment on unlimited top ranked wordpress blogs as well as top ranked YouTube videos. We are experience in this se we don’t face any problem with the various social media using our platform.
We guaranteed your affiliate link will be sent to over 125 million social media users.

2. Email Marketing
We have email list of over 200,000 active subscribers for different niches, most of them are from USA, UK, Canada, Australia and other top tier countries. We will send your offer to our email lists. 

Email list is the most effective advertisement we all know. With your offer before thousands of active people, you can be guaranteed of quality leads to your offers.

Note that this offer is for limited time. We will not like to blast our list with too many offers so ones we get the required number of partners we want, we will close the opportunity.

3. Push notification
We have over 105 million country targeted push subscribers, 30 million being USA subscribers. We will send your ad to our push subscribers. 

Push notification is one of the most effective traffic sources making waves on the internet. Get our ad and get your offer to millions of people.
4. Micro workers
We have a team of over 12000 microworkers which are all from the USA ready to fill incentive offers. If you are on networks like Cpagrip, Cpalead, adworkmedia etc, you can get your offers filled by our active 12000 active worker making living from this.

Minimum cost for our Ads is $5000. To buy our ad, follow these steps:
1. Go to and create account as an advertiser.
2. Fund your account with at least $5000 using bitcoin
3. Submit your ads. We respond very fast.
4. Watch the money flow.

Please share your comments below this post after you succeed with our ad.

Disclaimer: Conversion rates of some offers are hard and also cpa offers are country target and our subscribers are worldwide so don't let your expectation be too high. You can become rich with our platform but it is always not the case. Profit is guaranteed but this is not a get rich quick offer. It is real marketing that is working for us and all those who partnered with us so far.


  1. I was amazed of the result i had from this ad. I bought this ad for an offer on peerfly and got over 1500% ROI. I was afraid the earning is too much and peerfly might ban me but my AM congratulated me for doing well. This is now my solution.

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    1. You are lucky. In cpa marketing, every newbie lose till they learn. Being lucky to discover a working traffic like this is amazing. Good luck in the journey mate

  6. The brain behind this is great. I was skeptical of this when I found this last 2 weeks so I tried with cpagrip offers and cpalead offers and the results is great. The conversion rate is normal. I am an experience affiliate and I wonder why this traffic will be sold for such cheap amount.

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    Anyway, thanks for making this opportunity available. I just got my first payment from maxbounty and it is over $25K

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  14. Very confusing.

    Post date was March 14, 2019

    But In Peerfly Screenshot. Last payment date was 25th March 2019. So it's seems all are Photoshop work.

    Also all comments on same date. Very fishing to me.....

    1. Post date was March 14, 2019, we updated the screenshots to current date. We started effective promotion recently. We have no control over the comments

  15. Thank you all for sharing guys. We are almost getting to the 100 Partners.

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